3 Reasons Why Social Media Optimization (SMO) Of Your E-commerce Website Matters

//3 Reasons Why Social Media Optimization (SMO) Of Your E-commerce Website Matters

In the past decade, the gospel of search engine optimization was the basic theme. If you consulted a web designer or developer, they would always tell you to optimize your web page for the search engines if you wanted to attract high traffic.

To date, if your e-commerce website is on the first page of the search engines, your conversion rates would be high. In fact, 80% of all traffics come from them. However, with the rising need for personalized services, social media is becoming an essential part of online business.  Here are 3 reasons why social media optimization of your e-commerce website matters:

i) SMO enhance your web traffic

Other than the search engines, social platforms are the next source of traffic. Your web traffic is one of the determiners of Google ranking and conversion rates. Also, for you to succeed in the modern online market, you need to interact with your target customers directly or indirectly.

For this reason, optimizing your e-commerce website for social media is essential.  This means making your content shareable on the social platforms. By doing so, your site visitors will pass on helpful info or product to their peers on social media. As a result, you will enjoy increased web traffic.

ii) Brand awareness enhancement

As the SEO ranking battle advances, new and upcoming online businesses are finding it hard to establish their brands. If you follow under this category, SMO optimization can be the best alternative to developing your brand online. The social media offers you an opportunity to inform your prospects about your products, what you stand for, and why you are the best without spending a lot of cash.

Also, including social media plugins on your site enables you to follow a conversation about your brands. This allows you to build a healthy relationship with your customers. As such, social media optimization enhances your brand awareness. This way, the customers can share their thoughts on your brand and suggest improvements you need in your e-commerce website.

iii) Best way to enhance online visibility

Definitely, a good percentage of visitors won’t navigate beyond the first page of the search engines. As such, if your e-commerce website does not appear on this page, its visibility will be minimal.

However, when you optimize your site for the social media, any visitor who obtains help or product they wanted will share it. Probably, their peers are having the same problem. Hence, the visitor will direct them to your page. The peers replicate the same practice. This way you enhance your online visibility without necessarily ranking on the first page.

And that’s why your e-commerce website social media optimization matters.

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